Green Slow Feeder

Green Slow Feeder

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What is the Green Slow Feeder?

Green is a revolutionary way to slow a dog's eating and to savour his food. Many dogs lack mental stimulation which can lead to boredom and unwanted behaviours such as chewing. The Green keeps dogs mentally stimulated whilst eating, with more time to enjoy the taste of good food. How does it work? Simply scatter the desired amount of food across the Green. The dog will then enjoy the challenge of pushing the food out between its many "blades" of grass. Green works with wet (tinned), dry and raw food (BARF).

How does this help?

The Green slows down eating time which can reduce the risk of bloat* - a potentially fatal disease for any dog. By prolonging eating, the risk of vomiting, gagging, gas and belching is also significantly reduced, resulting in a happier and healthier dog.

*Bloat is also known as Gastric Dilation Volvulus GDV and can kill a dog within an hour. A published study found that raised feeding bowls increased the risk of bloat by 110%; the same study showed that eating too quickly increases the risk of bloat by 15%. Feeding one large meal a day can also increase the risk of bloat. Sadly 30% of dogs that suffer from bloat do not survive.


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