Buddy Jack Chew Toy

Buddy Jack Chew Toy

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The chew toy is made from durable nylon and rubber, which holds a tasty treat ring. The unique design of the toy enables your dog to chew, bite and twist it for hours of play fun. You can adapt the Buddy Jack to your dog’s need with two different levels of difficulty. Simply add or remove parts of the toy to make it easier/more difficult for your dog to reach the treat ring. The rawhide treat rings are 100% natural.

Enjoy a new twist on a classic toy! The Jack is a challenging, durable, refillable treat holding toy. Watch your dog chew, bite, and twist the Jack to figure out how to get the delicious treats in the middle. Treat rings can be placed in multiple locations to increase the challenge over time.


  • Durable: This dog toy is made from durable nylon and natural vanilla scented rubber, offering a strong chew strength for determined chewers
  • Dental health: The textured rubber of the Jack dog toy massages your dog's gums and helps keep the teeth clean
  • Toy and snack: The combination of dog Toy and snack rings will keep your dog entertained for hours
  • Redirects chewing behaviour: This toy helps redirect potentially destructive chewing behaviour into positive playtime
The natural vanilla scent encourages your dog to play with the toy. It weighs 0.28 kg and is suitable for dogs of 9.1-22.7 kg.


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