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Inject a layer of fashionable flair to your furry friend with eye-catching design that stands out in any occasion. Decked out in pattern-filled geometric motifs against a cotton fabric ground, it makes a warm addition to your collection.

All our SuperSets, Sailor is individually handmade using double layer 100% Korean cotton. You can machine wash using a cold & delicate cycle and lay flat to dry.

XS: 1.6cm x 20-27cm | Chihuahua
S: 2cm x 24-33cm | Dachshund, Pom
M: 2.5cm x 30-44cm | Frenchie, Pug
L: 3cm x 38-55cm | Shepherd, Golden
All our SuperSets are designed & made in the UK
We use only the highest-quality cottons for a padded feel
We recommend hand wash with cold water & very mild detergent. Ideally, let the collar/bow/leash soak in cold water for at least 15 minutes to remove deep dirt/stains
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It's a pity but other countries in Europe require higher shipping cost, which is mostly due to the longer shipping distance and also fewer quantities we ship to those countries. We know paying much for shipping sucks, but we wanted to offer our products to all people although we don't have the distribution of a company like Amazon - yet. ;)

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Shipping to the awesome United States of America from day one is definitely something most brands wouldn't even think about in the beginning. At SuperPuppies we are all about going the extra mile for you, which is why we managed to sign a great agreement with a shipping carrier and will soon establish our second warehouse in the US in case enough people love our products. So to all American customers: Please keep buying, so we can continue serving you a fair shipping price. :)

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We are aware that SuperPuppies has fans all around the globe and wanted to make an offer for people living in Australia, South America, Asia and other countries we haven't mentioned yet. £7,99 may seem much, but it actually is just half of the shipping cost we have. The other half is subsidized by us, which means we make less profit, but we would rather have a happy customer rocking our product at the other end of the world, than offering you £16 in shipping, or not selling to your country at all. We hope this makes sense!

We go nuts with our SuperSets hand-selecting only the highest-quality fabrics & innovative designs to create collars & bow that delight immediately.